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SOTD: Fifth Harmony-‘Angel’

The bandwagon “Men Are Trash” militia* and stubborn #TeamIssa faithfuls absolutely hate being reminded that women can be notorious heartbreakers too. However, Fifth Harmony is here to remind us that women aren’t always on the receiving end of emotional warfare with “Angel”. It can be found on Apple Music and Spotify.

Now look, I’m not advocating for being a manipulative and inconsiderate lover at all. However, in the same breath, I’m fed up of women being painted as hopeless romantics waiting on the next relationship. No, those women are usually obsessive and insecure and don’t know what the words “go with the flow” means. With “Angel,” Fifth Harmony reminds us that women can set the tone of the situation. If you get comfortable without confirmation, don’t expect their sympathy.

I’ve received my fair share of what I like to call “Feelings Theses,” which are those paragraphs you finally send after all the issues you never voiced pile up and now you’re starting to boil over. I live for the expression on someone’s face when I tell them I’m okay with nothing serious. Men will literally ask “Are you sure?” in disbelief, knowing good and well that even if I wanted something serious, they’d have nothing to offer. Liberated women do not play hard to get; we don’t play games at all. On the rare occasion that we are playing games, it’s usually not with the intention of trying to keep a man. We do it so you’ll leave us alone and find something else to occupy your time other than bothering us with your need for ego-stroking and attention.

Should’ve never not kept your word

Would’ve given me a reason to keep mine

You was too consistent

It all boils down to having realistic expectations from romantic partners. If there were boundaries set at the begining and your desires change in the mist of the agreement, you should speak on it and not get upset of the answer is no. The key is communication and being mindful of your parnter’s needs. If one of these situationships turn sour don’t let this detour you from finding love. Some women are just there for the season and not permanent figures in our lives.

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*Banwagon “Men Are Trash” “militia refers to those who only view men as trash when it comes to relationship issues and ignore the greater causes it addresses such as rape culture and misogyny.

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