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‘Son of Shaft’ Reboot Finds Lead in ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ Jessie T. Usher

Blaxploitation films in the 1970’s yielded us classics such as Foxy Brown, Super Fly, and Dolemite. However, none of these films has transcended time quite like Shaft. In the 1971 Shaft film, John Shaft is a private detective who is hired by a crime boss to retrieve his kidnapped daughter. Portrayed by Richard Roundtree, Shaft carried himself with a certain swagger that made his character iconic. Now, another Shaft will pick up the mantle.

New Line has reportedly found it’s lead with Jessie T. Usher to portray the role of the son of the detective John Shaft. Jessie T. Usher is a talented up and coming actor who most recently starred in Independence Day: Resurgence and played a part in the comedic series Survivor’s Remorse.

Jessie T. Usher will not be the first actor to reboot the original franchise. Samuel L. Jackson also rebooted the franchise in 2000 portraying the nephew of the original John Shaft. That film did not receive a sequel, but Samuel L. Jackson is in talks to reprise his role as John Shaft. Richard Roundtree will also reprise his role as John Shaft.

There you have it folks, three Shafts in one film. Tim Story who directed Ride Along is on board to direct. The film that does not yet have a release date, will reportedly follow the youngest Shaft (Jessie T. Usher), an FBI agent, as he must solve a case alongside his detective father John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson).

 Source: Deadline

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