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Rumor Alert: Warner Brothers Circling Two Possible Directors for ‘Justice League Dark’ Film

A lot of time has passed since Doug Liman abandoned the Justice League Dark project. Since his departure from the film in developmental stage, the film has been in limbo. This has left fans everywhere who were initially excited for the project to not be hopeful to seeing it anytime soon. However, good news for the film and the fans may have arrived.

Yesterday, Beyond The Trailer revealed that a source told her WB has found two possible directors that they like. This coming from an unnamed source does mean this is all a rumor at this point, but Beyond The Trailer did say the source was very reliable. This source disclosed to her that WB is eyeing Daniel Espinosa and Gerard Johnstone.

The two directors are definitely two different kind of directions for the studio to go. On the one hand, Daniel Espinosa is the proven Hollywood director. He has had two box office successes in Life and Safe House. Both movies proving he can deliver a hit and direct big name talent. Espinosa would definitely be the prototypical choice for a film like Justice League Dark.

'Child 44' film premiere, Stockholm, Sweden - 27 Apr 2015

But on the other hand, they are rumored to be eyeing the young up and comer, Gerard Johnstone. Many do not know who Johnstone is, but in 2014 the young director delivered the horror-comedy, Housebound. The horror film scored an impressive 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. This choice would be a risk, but depending on the direction they plan to take Justice League Dark it could be exactly the outside of the box move that produces a unique film.


Nothing officially has been announced yet, but in the meantime leave us some comments down below on who you would like to see helm the Justice League Dark film, as well as your thoughts on these two possible choices.

Source: Beyond The Trailer

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