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New Trailer Drops For Animated Godzilla Film

While production on the upcoming Godzilla 2 sequel has officially started, the film itself doesn’t have an expected release before 2019. So how are we supposed to feed our raging monster fix in the meantime? Oh yeah, with Japan’s animated version of the legendary city destroyer which will be released in just a couple of months. Monster Planet is the monster film for a new age, encompassing a plot line that we’re not particularly used to: Godzilla actually wins and successfully defeats mankind, forcing us to leave the Earth and to seek refuge elsewhere in space. The descendants of the humans who fled Godzilla’s original attacks have returned only to find that the place that their ancestors once referred to as home has not only been completely overtaken by nature, but that Godzilla is no longer its only monster inhabitant.

The new trailer can be seen below.

Are you pumped for Godzilla or are giant monsters not really your thing? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!

Monster Planet crashes into Japanese theaters later this year and will then hit Netflix for all of us overseas fans sometime in 2018.


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