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Riverdale’s Season 2 Mystery Revolves Around Betty

Riverdale’s first season ended by broaching almost as many questions as it had ventured to answer in the finale. While the fate of Fred Andrews remains the primary concern, another mystery will also push Season 2 forward. At this juncture, that mystery is unknown. However, according to Lili Reinhart, aka Betty Cooper, Betty is as the center of it.

In a interview (via Screen Rant), Reinhart revealed:

“Dark Betty I feel like doesn’t exist anymore. It’s like this season just her darkness kind of envelops her a little bit. Betty is, without giving anything away, a very big focal point of the mystery in season 2 and it takes a toll on her, just like it did with Cheryl in season 1. Betty gets wrapped up in something that she never asked to be wrapped up in and this kind, sweet, gentle person is pushed to her limit.”

Cole Sprouse as Jughead and Lili Reinhart as Betty Courtesy of the CW

Cole Sprouse as Jughead and Lili Reinhart as Betty Courtesy of The CW

Again, the mystery Reinhart references is not currently known. However, it could relate to the older brother she learned about towards the end of Season 1. Apparently, her mother, Alice, got pregnant in high school. Not believing they were fit to raise a child as teenagers, Hal, Alice’s then boyfriend and current husband, convinced her to put the infant up for adoption. With this revelation, Betty will certainly be on the hunt for anything she can find on him.

But what are your theories? How do you think Betty will be connected to whatever mystery Riverdale Season 2 holds? Tell us your theories in the comments below.

Riverdale returns Wednesday, October 11.

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