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Fantasy Novel ‘The Fifth Season’ Being Developed Into Series At TNT

As the roster for diverse storytelling continues to expand on the big and small screens, we are proud to announce another gem that is being fashioned for TV audiences across the country. Based on a report from Deadline, the TNT network is in the early development stages of adapting author N.K. Jemisin’s sci-fi/fantasy novel trilogy into a series.

The name of the book is called The Fifth Season its success caused Jemisin to become the first ever Black Writer to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel. Jemisin won that same award for the second book The Obelisk Gate in her series and the third book was released about a week ago.


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The Fifth Season is an epic drama set in a world where civilization-destroying earthquakes occur with deadly regularity. A small minority of inhabitants have the ability to quiet these earthquakes, but they also can cause them. The series follows three women, each of whom possesses these special, Earth-controlling abilities: Damaya, a young girl training to serve the Empire; Syenite, an ambitious young woman ordered to breed with her bitter and frighteningly powerful mentor; and Essun, a mother searching for the husband who murdered her young son and kidnapped her daughter mere hours after a Season tore a fiery rift across the land.


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The series is being written by Leigh Dana Jackson who produced shows like 24: Legacy and Sleepy Hollow. Dan Friedkin, Tim Kring and Justin Levy from Imperative Entertainment will serve as its executive producers.

Does this sound like a series you would tune in to watch? If you have read these books, are you excited to see them adapted to the small screen? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Deadline

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