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Team Behind ‘Dear White People’ To Produce Horror Satire ‘Bad Hair’

Justin Simien is the creative mind behind the popular film Dear White People’ which was also turned into a Netflix series of the same name. The film and the series became a phenomenon because it tackled important social issues with a comedic twist. Now, based on a report from Deadline, Simien has a new idea that he plans on presenting to the world in the form of a horror satire that he wrote and will also direct called Bad Hair.

Simien will be teaming up with the producing trio called Sight Unseen which consists of Julia Lebedev who helped produce both the Dear White People film and series, Eddie Vaisman, and Oren Moverman.

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The film will reportedly take place during the rise of New Jack Swing in 1989 and will follow the life of an ambitious young woman who gets a weave in order to survive the image obsessed world of music television. Her professional success comes at a higher cost than anticipated, however, when she discovers her new hair may have a mind of its own. Here’s what Simien had to say about is newest creative endeavor:

“…with Sight Unseen in order to create work that both entertains and holds a mirror up to society, this will be both a love letter to black women and a critique of the cultural forces our society puts them through.”

The filmmakers have even started a teaser website to promote the film and it will be updated more as the film takes shape. What do you think GOC fam? Does this sound like a film you can get behind? Leave us a comment because we want to hear your thoughts.

SOURCE: Deadline


  1. I’m pretty hyped for this, but curious about the backlash I’ve been seeing against Simien and DWP. I think the most impressive thing about the movie is how it explores a wide range of the black experience with sympathy and care while pointing out the potential pitfalls of each perspective. I think Simien is a hilarious and nuanced writer; I wonder why people are tearing him down now.

    • Very eloquently out. I share the same question. But i think some people refuse to face the truths behind race because it may show them themselves in some capacity.

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