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#SOTD: ABRA- ‘Tonight’

There is a shift in society where women (and men) are becoming more open and accepting of female promiscuity. It’s not about being “pro-hoe” but instead, respecting a woman’s choice to be in charge of her sexuality. “Tonight!” by ABRA is one of those recent anthems and can be found on Soundcloud and Spotify. Music has been a consistent vehicle in the pro-sex empowerment movement dating back decades but was specifically on the rise in ‘the 90s with artists such as Salt-N-Pepa, No Doubt, and Destiny’s Child. Because of their boldness in their explicit content, it paved the way for artists like ABRA to come to be. Female sexuality was once used as a background accessory for male hip hop artists to sell records, but they have reclaimed their bodies and given us their own projects. These women have their own voices and it’s high time we give them their due diligence for the work they’ve done to desensitize the issue.

ABRA probably doesn’t even think about how her work is influencing the movement, she just effortlessly makes songs that can be viewed as anthems for it. She is organically carefree in the sense that she doesn’t need to remind us every ten seconds about how carefree she is, which is why I’m so drawn to her energy. She has an air about her that is completely authentic and infectious. Sidenote: Her verse on “Girl” was featured on Father’s 2015 album Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First? has become my daily affirmation. “Why you front, why you flex? You know you wish you was my friend,” is a mood I completely embody. This song, “Tonight,” alludes to being down for whatever. While I like to believe “whatever” could be sex on the first night, it could also be tagging trains or doing donuts in your local Target parking lot.

At this very moment, I’ve lost my word

You’re challenging me and I’ve got the nerve

I usually don’t do this, but that’s all right,

Tonight, tonight

Not only is this beat knocking heavy as hell, her angelic and enticing vocals are why I keep this jam in rotation. The harmonies on the outro, accompanied with the slap of that 808 just solidifies this song as a hit. ABRA produced her own tracks for this project, Roses XOXO, which shows impressive experimentation with synthesized bass lines and hard-hitting drumkits, along with the piano riffs. It has an ’80s alternative feel, specifically with songs like “$hot” and “Pride.” She has pioneered her own sound and shows complete control in her creativity. Her unique sound was discovered by Father her sophomore year in college, and in 2014, he invited her to be a part of his label, Awful Records, which allowed her to maintain complete creative control.

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