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Samuel L. Jackson Confirms Not Appearing in Avengers 3, 4 and Black Panther

In a recent interview, Samuel L. Jackson has revealed that he will not be appearing in the next Marvel feature films.

Jackson, who plays the iconic Nick Fury, spoke with Yahoo! Movies have expressed his opinions about not being part of Avengers 3, 4 and even Black Panther. Fans would remember that Nick Fury is currently in hiding after the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier, so his absence from the rest of the upcoming films does make sense.

“I wasn’t in the ‘superhero argument’ movie [Captain America: Civil War], I’m not in Avengers 3 and 4,” he complained. “They’re shooting them now, and they haven’t called me yet.”

“They wouldn’t let me go to Black Panther-ville, so it’s kinda like how you gonna make a black Marvel movie and not let Nick Fury show up in it?!”

Nick Fury, however, will be part of the Brie Larson-led film Captain Marvel in 2019. The film, however, I set during the 1990s so Jackson will be bringing Nick Fury back as a person in the past rather than the current character.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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