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New Set Photo From ‘Aquaman’ Gives Us a Glance at an Atlantean Armor

Aquaman is shaping up to look like a spectacular and unique experience, not only because most of the scenes will happen underwater, but also because it seems like is not going to be an origin story, giving us an Arthur Curry that will have to fight the threats of the deadly Black Manta and of his brother Orm.

In the film, Aquaman is not the King of Atlantis, that title is currently helmed by Orm, so the Atlantean army responds only to Norm.

In a new leaked set photo, we have a glimpse of the exo-suit of one of Orm’s Atlantean army. The armor appears to have pronounced features on the back, most likely used to propel and accelerate movement while under water.

This armor looks a lot similar like the ones we saw in the Flashpoint movie and the blue screen from the back suggest that its the same location as the photos of Mera running from soldiers.

What do you think about this news? What do you think is the part they are going to play?
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Source: Oracle 


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