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Wave Two of ‘Wonder Woman’ Funko Pop! Vinyls to Include Antiope and Etta Candy

With the official release dates for the Digital HD and Blu-Ray/DVD unveiled for Wonder Woman, Funko has unveiled the second wave of Pop! vinyls from the film and a Dorbz Ride.

The new set features a cloaked Diana with sword, Antiope mid-leap with her bow and arrow and Etta Candy with Diana’s shield and sword. The Dorbz Ride depicts Diana on horseback.

Funko uploaded a video to YouTube and other social media sites to show the wave two Wonder Woman Pop! and Dorbz products. Check it out below:

You’ll notice in the video that there were two extra surprises depicted, including Diana in her civilian outfit holding an ice cream cone and one of her doing the famed ‘power’ pose with her gauntlets up in a braced position across her chest.

The ice cream cone figure will be a Hot Topic exclusive. It’s net yet known whether the ‘power’ posed Diana is a common Pop! or if it is also exclusive as its image was not released as part of the original announcement on the Funko blog.

Will you be collecting any of the wave two Wonder Woman figures? Be sure to sound off in the comment section below.

The common figures will be available in stores this Fall, with the Hot Topic exclusive coming in December!

Source: Funko

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