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Rumor Alert: ‘Justice League’ Ending Altered During Reshoots

It had been revealed a little while back that Joss Whedon was putting Justice League under some extensive reshoots to help alter the films overall tone and feel. Over the weeks that followed that news, a few rumors have trickled through the grapevine and made their way onto the internet, causing fans to speculate over the happenings of the film. Well now it looks like they may have even more to think about if this rumor is true.

The rumor in question was presented by a writer from /Film, who claims that Joss Whedon is reshooting the film’s ending. Originally, Justice League was set to be the first part in a two-part film. That mean’s the ending to the first film would leave off on a cliff hanger of sorts. For whatever reason, the ending was left that way, and now Joss is taking it upon himself to “fix” it to match the tone of the rest of the film.


Now if this rumor is true, It would make sense. There would be no reason to end a film that’s meant to be a standalone with a cliffhanger. But the fact that there’s not exactly a super credible source leaves us to question the veracity of it all. We’ll just take it with a grain of salt and wait to see what happens once this film drops in November.

Justice League drops on November 17th, 2017.

Source: /Film

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