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Doug Liman Explains Departure from Justice League Dark

Earlier this year, director Doug Liman exited the Justice League Dark film. At the time, Liman’s departure was said to have been the result of a scheduling conflict with Lionsgate’s recently green lit Chaos Walking, of which he will direct. In a discussion with CinemaBlend regarding his reasoning, Liman pointed to his comfortability with the script, or the lack thereof:

“You know, I develop more movies than I make,” the Edge of Tomorrow director noted. “There’s a weed-out process, and it’s just that when you get to the comic book one, suddenly everybody hears about them. So, the script never got to a place that was special enough for me. Not for lack of trying.”

His rationale is an admirable one that should be commended; this kind of honesty, especially when the film of note is still in development, is a rarity. That said, the Justice League Dark’s big screen debut remains director-less, despite Warner Bros.’ touting it at this year’s SDCC as one of their upcoming projects.

Justice League Dark Courtesy of DC

Justice League Dark Courtesy of DC

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