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Nintendo Announces Its Third World Championship

According to an announcement yesterday, the Nintendo World Championships are officially returning.

This is the third Nintendo World Championships; the last event was held in 2015 at E3, and before that the first was in 1990. This year, the championships will be held at the Manhattan Center in New York on October 7.

Players are invited to qualifiers that are being held across the United States in Best Buy stores throughout this month and September. Participating locations are up on Nintendo’s official site. The challenge is going to be a Mario Kart 7 time trial, held on the Nintendo 3DS.

There are two age brackets for competitors, broken down into 12 and younger, and 13 and older. Younger competitors will play on the Luigi’s Mansion course as Mario with a standard kart and wheels, while older groups must race as Bowser on the Bowser’s Castle 1 course. The highest scorers from both groups will advance to finals.

This announcement is coming on the heels of Nintendo’s movement to create competition-style games like Arms and Splatoon 2. Previously the championship also invited prominent competitive players and Twitch and YouTube gamers to also compete.


So, do you think you’ll be competing? Let us know!

Source: IGN

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