Kelly Marie Tran Reveals Details about Rose Tico and Finn

With The Last Jedi coming out at the end of the year, we’re getting more and more details about the plot. Kelly Marie Tran revealed some new information about her character, Rose Tico, who was revealed earlier to be a mechanic for the Resistance.

Rose’s sister Paige (played by Veronica Ngo) is a Resistance gunner who fights alongside aces like Poe Dameron. According to Tran:

“Poe Dameron is super cool. Finn’s super cool. Even though she is good at what she does, she’s not known. She’s not cool. She’s nobody, this background player, which is what makes her interesting. She’s not the best. She’s not royalty. She’s someone who is just like everyone else.”

Rose becomes starstruck for Finn after hearing about him, and according to Tran and John Boyega, she will be integral to encouraging Finn to remain a part of the Resistance.


This interview reveals a lot about Rose’s part in the story, but also tells us that Finn is still trying to grapple with his feelings of being part of the war. Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th.

What else are you hoping to see from the new characters? Let us know!

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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