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Why Networks Should Stop Making their own Streaming Platforms

With today’s announcement that Disney will create its own streaming service, Geeks of Color has analyzed this newly popular tendency and has found one good reason why networks should stop pursuing their own streaming platforms.


  1. Because we’re all fucking broke. Stop it. Cut it out.



The End.



  1. Haha! All true. Everyone wants to be their own Netflix. No wonder sales of TV antennas is climbing. Further, piracy will be on the increase because 100+ different streaming services with their “must see TV” and the fact that we can’t afford that means a return to getting shows not on Netflix or the like via other means.

  2. I fully understand your sentiment that the majority of society is “busted”. However,(I have NO affiliation with any companies i.e. Disney etc…) Lets recognize that this is probably (I have NO insider information) an effort to free themselves from a terrible contract with Netflix and provide their creative people more creative room. Maybe?

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