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Milla Jovovich Joins “Hellboy” Reboot as Main Villain

With a somewhat ambitious 2018 premiere date, news about the Hellboy reboot film has been coming fast and furious to entertainment journalists in the last few days.

Along with Stranger Things actor David Harbour starring as the titular demon, we’ve also recently reported that Ron Perlman, unfortunately, won’t return to cameo in his former role while American Gods actor Ian McShane will play Professor Bloom.

On the heels of these announcements is another exciting new addition to the cast. Milla Jovovich, the badass star of the Resident Evil franchise, has apparently joined Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen as the titular villainous royal.

Hell Boy 2

Source: Dark Horse Comics

An ancient British witch known as Nimue, the Queen of Blood and the Lady of the Lake (yes, from the King Arthur mythos), her descent into villainy began in the comics as she pursued knowledge of the dark arts as a young woman. Her evil practices eventually led her to worship the monstrous god Ogdru Jahad, who is destined to bring about the end of the world should it ever be released from its unearthly prison.

As the beast’s dark disciple, the Queen of Blood is a major villain throughout the entire Hellboy comic series who continuously tries to trick Hellboy into freeing her god.

It takes a certain kind of actor to capture this character’s unique air of creepiness, violence and unimaginable magical power. Based on her extensive acting career, we’re pretty confident that Jovovich is perfectly cast for the role.

Are you excited to see Jovovich lead another fantastic science fiction franchise? Are there any other actors you think would be just as perfect for this formidable role? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Deadline


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