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COMICS: Batman Becomes Tyrannical In ‘Gotham City Garage’

Gotham City Garage, a line of collectibles turned comic series which reimagines DC heroines as rebellious biker chicks with nothing to lose as they take on a fascist and tyrannical system. But, those involved with these characters have released an interesting tidbit of information about the caped crusader which reimagines him upholding the laws of an unjust system.

Known as The Bat, Bruce Wayne patrols Lex Luthor’s conurbation, which encompasses a cyberpunk aesthetic, known as The Garden and keeps the citizens in check through any means necessary, whether through physical brutality or psychological torment… The Bat will maintain the law of the land.

Now, though an interview with Screen Rant, Jackson Lansing called this version a “Judge Dredd character” who works “for Luthor” and that “The Bat is a force of nature, he is a thing to be feared, a thing to run from, he is the darkness and the shadow that brings you to justice.” Yet, once this news spreads to a larger community of die-hard Batman fans, there is a certainty that they will shout that this story is heresy but Lanzing says “if you think that’s heresy, wait for the rest of the book.”

What do you guys think about this news? Are you excited for this comic? What do you think about this version of Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant

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