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Artist’s Render Reveals First Image of Steppenwolf’s Face in Justice League

Thus far, Warner Bros. has done well in keeping details about Steppenwolf under wraps. Parts of him are visible in Justice League’s SDCC 2017 trailer; however, his visage has yet to receive any screen time. If you are interested in getting a tease of what he’ll look like on the big screen, take a look below at a render from sculptor, Brodie Perkins (via Heroic Hollywood):

According to the caption in Perkins’ post, this headshot of the Apokolips general is for a figure featured in Mattel’s multiverse wave of Justice League toys. Despite a lack of color, which doesn’t at all hamper the design, Steppenwolf looks fairly comic accurate to newer depictions, while still managing to employ a fresh take for his first live-action appearance (excepting Batman v Superman, of course).

The sculptor’s Instagram page also includes a render of a Parademon figure, which is pictured below:

What do you think of the first close up shot of Steppenwolf’s? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Steppenwolf makes his full DCEU debut on November 17 when Justice League opens in theaters.

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