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Three Of The Rarest Wonder Woman Comics To Make Record-Breaking Sale On Ebay

On August 27th, a trio of Wonder Woman-centric books (two of which were unconfirmed to publicly exist) will take center stage in the slew of eBay bid wars and should result in a record shattering sales.

The seller is Pristine Comics’ own Darren Adams, if that name sounds familiar he was the one who sold Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman) on eBay for 3.2 million dollars, the current record for eBay which Darren hopes to break with the auctioning of a 9.6 Sensational Comics #1, 9.0 Wonder Woman #1 and a 9.4 All Star #8, these books make up the first appearance of Wonder Woman, the origin of Wonder Woman and cover art of the superheroine that we know and love today.

And, due to the current Wonder Woman-centric eBay statistics and environment we live in with her feature film debut, this is the perfect time to put these books on sale. If this all goes well, a large portion of the proceeds from these books will go to a nonprofit organization known as Trafficking Hope whose main goal is to prevent the horrors of human trafficking from occurring.

The books which will be sold:

What do you guys think? Will you be in attendance to watch the millionaire smackdown happen on eBay? Will you be a bidder? Let us know in the comments down below!


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