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#SOTD: Aminé- ‘Hero’

About a week ago, XXL 2017 Freshman, Aminé, dropped his debut solo album, Good For You. It was a tough decision to figure out which one to feature today, but ultimately “Hero” won it all. You can find it on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music.

In a ballad that reveals why people choose to occupy uncertainty in relationships, Aminé offers an array of compositional capabilities. He puts an intense bass loop on top of a beachy guitar riff and goes off, artistically. This song starts off with a short skit that collects both fans and general people from all walks of life assumably being overly familiar with the artist while also pronouncing his name incorrectly. I don’t have fans, however, all my life I’ve encountered people that see “Taloria” (pronounced, Tuh-LOHR-ree-uh) and will say, out loud and sincerely, “Oh, Taylor? Is that how you say that?” They will not only put little to no effort into pronouncing my name, but upon being corrected, they ask for a nickname, as if that isn’t one of the rudest thing to say about someone’s real name. Aminé and I are asking you very, very kindly to sound your syllables out, memorize them and put some respect on them.


“Hero” and “Money” off of this album remind me of his 2014 effort Odyssey to Me. It featured experimental and ambient vocals, though primarily focusing on Aminé’s hip hop talents. He’s definitely following in his role model, Andre 3000’s footsteps by venturing beyond the conventions of what’s expected from hip hop in today’s society. With so many artists that not only sound alike, but look alike as well, it’s refreshing to find those that take risks that pay off. Kind of like his gamble with the lover he sings about in “Hero:”

You don’t wanna cry tears with me,

You just wanna keep sighing.

Sometimes I wonder if you’re bad for me,

But that’s what keeps me excited

When I’m with you.

You’re my hero, and my heroine.

Many of us have reached the point that you may be reconsidering the value your significant other is adding to your life. You try to mask your selfish ego that wants every decision you’ve made to be the right one by asking “What if?” What if they’re the one? What if I’m just overreacting? What if this is just what I deserve? It’s not such an easy fix to call it quits at the first sign of doubt, because then what if you’re wrong? They may be nothing but a mere supplement to the authentic love and affection you desire from life. So instead of asking “What if?” I encourage you to just find out.

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