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Ronan’s Role in ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Was Tarnished By Marvel’s Former Creative Committee

Ronan The Accuser, an antagonist who first appeared in Fantastic Four #65 and a personal favorite comic character of mine, was given a role (portrayed by Lee Pace) as the main, malicious miscreant that the Guardians Of The Galaxy faced in their first installment but, unfortunately, was generally reviled due to how The Accuser was portrayed and how he was distracted by Peter Quill via a dance off.

But, according to James Gunn in a Facebook Q & A, there was “messy plot stuff in the first movie” and that “there was a committee working for Marvel at the time (now defunct) who had a lot of input, and that was primarily where it ended up. It just got a little messy.”

See, now this makes a lot of sense as the previous committee was responsible for the lack of female villains in the MCU franchise and the treatment of less-than-stellar antagonistic threats, which seems to be changing with the current creative heads who are overseeing the project.

What do you guys think? Did Ronan fit your expectations? Would you have liked to see the other version? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: James Gunn Facebook Q&A


  1. You’re right it does make sense now…”Ronan” in GOTG 1 wasn’t savage enough to me…

    • Ronan was, in all honesty, the epitome of his original character in the Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four books.

      But, I personally enjoy the Annihilation version of The Accuser

  2. Now see the Annihilation version is the one I would’ve liked to see on the big screen…

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