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‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ Will Use Story Ideas From First Two Seasons

It’s very rare that fans are actually able to change a studio’s mind and get a show brought back. However, that’s exactly what happened with Young Justice: Outsiders.

With the team in the middle of production, a few details are coming out about what viewers can expect from the animated series’ third season.

Executive producer Brandon Vietti told about his enthusiasm to return to the show.

“It was the first series I got to produce and write on and working with Greg Weisman and making that show was absolutely near and dear to my heart, and all of those characters we put so much time into creating, crafting, growing with Phil Bourassa and the rest of our crew, our actors as well,” said Vietti. “It was nice to get back into those characters, visit them.”

Young Justice cast

The full lineup of heroes for Young Justice: Outsiders (from left to right) Static, a new Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, new character Thirteen, Arrowette, Arsenal, and Beast Boy. Source: Syfy Wire

A big part of the show’s continuation has been using stories that were originally part of the process during seasons one and two.

“There were a lot of unfinished stories with them that we had ideas for, I think even in our first and second season, story ideas written down on little 3×5 cards and put on a wall and we just couldn’t get to those 3×5 cards in our first two seasons but Greg, he kept all of them and they came out, they’re up on the wall again,” said Vietti. “So we’re going back into those and trying to continue, logically, the story progressions that everybody got to see in the first two season but also bring in these new ideas that we’ve had for a while but will shed new light on different aspects of the characters.”

At their comic-con panel producers said Outsiders will deal with meta-human trafficking and how the teenage heroes handle such a big, emotional story.

Khary Payton (Aqualad), Nolan North (Superboy), Danica McKellar (Miss Martian), Jason Spisak (Wally West/Kid Flash), Stephanie Lemelin (Artemis) and Jesse McCartney (Dick Grayson/Nightwing) are all set to return to voice their characters.

Young Justice: Outsiders is expected to premiere on DC’s new streaming platform in 2018.

Are you ready to jump back in to Young Justice?



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  1. Ay man I’m toooooo ready for this!!!! I remember when the show got canceled it felt like when the X-Men cartoon stop coming on…like somebody tore my comics up in front of me while I was tied down…smh lol. Make ya wanna…wanna slap a puppy (not saying that that’s a cool thing to do)

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