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SOTD: “Belong to You” by Sabrina Claudio

Today’s Song of the Day is “Belong to You” by Sabrina Claudio.


Still from music video for “Belong to You” by Sabrina Claudio.

 I came across this song because my sister was blasting it in the bathroom while she was doing her makeup. Normally, I would tell her to turn her music down a bit but this song was an exception to the rule. Upon hearing it, I immediately felt like I could just close my eyes and relax or meditate.

“Belong to You” comes fresh off the heels of Claudio’s seven track EP titled Confidently Lost which includes other amazing songs such as “Orion’s Belt” and “Runnin’ Thru Lovers”. These songs are an alternative R&B that call back to early 2000s R&B. Sabrina Claudio, a Cuban-Puerto Rican Miami native, cites Usher, Lauryn Hill, and Frank Ocean as some of her inspirations.


Album art for Confidently Lost EP by Sabrina Claudio.

The song itself feels like a beautiful, happy medium between early 2000s R&B and current R&B. “Belong to You” describes the feeling of giving in to someone you love and allowing a mental, emotional, and physical connection to take place. Claudio’s voice goes back and forth between breathy moaning and singing which fits the mood of perfectly. The electric guitar undercutting the futuristic beat of the song gives it an almost hypnotic vibe. This is most easily seen in the following lyrics:

Grab hold of me
Gentle love but touch passionately
I’ll give you my blessing
Take me person and objectively
Ex and internally

Sabrina Claudio is most definitely an artist to watch. Give Confidently Lost a listen and be sure to add “Belong to You” to your favorite playlists. I, for one, am excited to see what Sabrina does next and look forward to seeing her career progress further.

You can follow Sabrina Claudio on Instagram and Twitter.

Her music is available on YouTube, Spotify, TIDAL, iTunes, and Soundcloud.

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