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African-American Comic Optioned For Movie Adaptation

Studio 8 has announced that they are interested in adapting Black Mask Studios, Black. A comic that depicts a nation where only African-Americans have superpowers. Imagine X-Men meets The Wire.


On the heels of the controversial HBO’s Confederate, and Will Packer/Amazon’s answer, Black America, Studio 8 is hoping to release their reimagined America on the big screen.

“Having just wrapped its initial six-issue run, the series created by Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3 starts with a police shooting in Brooklyn that sees teen Kareem Jenkins survive a hail of bullets and discover that he is a lot more powerful than he ever knew. As Jenkins connects with others who share similar powers, a widespread oppressive global conspiracy to keep the knowledge of such superpowers from the world — and especially the black community — themselves is unveiled to all.”

Studio 8 EVP CReative Jon Silk and Rishi Tajani will overseas development. Creators Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith will co-produce the film.

The graphic novel tackles racial tensions and the discrimination of African Americans in modern day America. In a nation where they are bombarded with injustices, what happens if Black people are the only ones who have superpowers? It takes a step further in the alternative history of Black people in the USA. This project may benefit from the criticism launched at Confederate, and the positive response from Black America. It will be interesting to see how this film develops, and who they hire to helm the project.

Check out Black:

Source: Deadline.

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