Digital Depth's ALL Controller

Kickstarter Campaign’s Universal Controller for Game Consoles Launching Next Year

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, millions of gamers have added yet another console to their entertainment centers. For some, this means keeping up with and charging the DualShock 4, Xbox One controller, WiiU gamepad/Pro Controller, and the Switch joy-cons/Pro Controller. Simply put, it’s getting out of hand.

Once upon a time, before the reveal of PS4 and XB1, when analysts and critics were thinking console gaming was on the way out, fantasies of an all-in-one game system were popular. The failure of the WiiU led to doubts this new generation of gaming would succeed, but PlayStation 4’s 60 million plus units sold, and Xbox One’s undisclosed success suggests otherwise. Nintendo Switch’s persistent rise to the top is but the icing on the cake. With all of the above in mind, a simpler solution for managing the craziness of controllers, and their respective USB cords and charging docks is necessary. Enter the ALL Controller.

ALL Controller Photo Courtesy of Digital Depth
ALL Controller Photo Courtesy of Digital Depth

The team behind ALL Controller, Digital Depth, aims to create a universal remote for game consoles, whereby one size will fit all. The design is similar to that of an Xbox One controller, but the remote will support functionality across the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Support for the Wii, WiiU, and Switch is being worked on as well. The ALL Controller is fully customizable, but the versatility doesn’t stop there. The simple interface, adjustable joystick dead zone, and paddles also add to the device’s unprecedented design.

Connectivity is as simple as plugging in ALL Controller’s proprietary USB dongle, and syncing the controller to a console. At this juncture, the controller has two designs, one for wired play and one for wireless.

ALL Controller Photo Courtesy of Digital Depth
ALL Controller Photo Courtesy of Digital Depth

A Kickstarter campaign was launched earlier this week. Having already met the desired stretch goal, the device is now on track to be released for backers by its planned date of May 2018. The Wired ALL Controller, sans bluetooth and wireless capabilities is available to those who pledge $55 USD; the Wireless version will run backers $80 USD; for $100 USD or more, backers can get the Wireless ALL Controller with the USB dongle for PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Xbox One compatibility. For more information on the product, check out Digital Depth’s Kickstarter page here.




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