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Star Wars: Battlefront II Playable Classes Revealed

Gamers we still have a few more months left until EA’s sequel to their 2015 reboot, Star Wars: Battlefront II hits shelves but a new update on the website reveals the classes that players will be able to use during gameplay!

It’s very similar to what fans are used to, except now the campaign is based on the Empire’s side of the story. Check out the classes and some brief descriptions from the website below:

  • Assault – Assault is a fast, hard-hitting short-to-medium range trooper relying on strong anti-personnel firepower and forward mobility.
  • Heavy – Utilizing high durability and a personal body shield, the Heavy is an offensive and defensive juggernaut well suited to any tasks.
  • Officers – Officers makes their allies stronger; they apply powerful buffs to surrounding troopers.
  • Specialists – Specialists employ deadly traps to attack enemy forces, reveal battlefield intelligence to their comrades, and snipe at enemies with long-distance weaponry.

From Left to Right: Specialist, Heavy, Officer & Assault


We already know that for the first time in the franchise, the campaign mode will be played from the views of the dark side (that sounds like an emo Drake album) and that players will be following the story of Iden Versio, the leader of an Empire squadron. The game will also take place over the 30 year span between Episodes 6 & 7 and will be cannon to the Star Wars film franchise!

Star Wars: Battlefront II will be available for play November 17th, 2017!

Source: EA

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