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Producer/Director Shawn Levy Calls Sean Astin’s Character The “Barb of Season 2”

Since justice for the beloved character of Barb in Stranger Things will be addressed in the upcoming season, it seems that a new character will come into play to fill the void that Barb left behind.

Producer/director, Shawn Levy spoke about Barb during San Diego Comic Con and said that he believes Sean Astin’s new character will be the second season’s, Barb. Screen Rant spoke to Levy and asked him about any Barb-type characters in season two and he said:

“Yes. It’s Sean Astin. Yeah. Sean Astin as Bob is going to be, I’m saying it, but he’s kind of going to be the Barb of Season 2. His part is substantially bigger. He’s in a lot of episodes. He is magnificent. And one thing the Duffers do really well is when they see what an actor is capable of, they write to that. They don’t make the actor play what’s on the page. They often change what’s on the page to exploit everything that’s unique about that actor. They did it with Steve Harrington last season and this season again and they did it big time with Sean Astin who as Bob I think is going to be a Barb level fan favorite.”

Astin will play a character named Bob. Although not much is yet known about the character. Stranger Things creators, the Duffer brothers believe that Bob will be well received, just as Barb was. The brothers said:

“It’s hard to know. I mean, we weren’t expecting the Barb phenomenon. But I will say he has more lines than Barb. And Sean Astin is, he’s one of those guys that he wasn’t initially how we were envisioning the role but, once he came on board and once we started seeing what he was doing with his character, he just changed the entire trajectory, really of some of the plot of the show and certainly of that character. He’s an incredibly likable guy in real life and then also hopefully in the show. I love Bob. I think other people will too.”

I don’t know about you, but I am interested in knowing more about Bob. What do you think – will Bob become a fan favorite, like Barb? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

Season two of Stranger Things starts streaming on Netflix on October 27, 2017.

Source: Screen Rant

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