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Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Villains Won’t be a Cliché

Villains can be tricky, either literally or figuratively, however you want to see it. Writing them can be difficult because you want to avoid clichés, yet you want them to be realistic and threatening.

In Marvel’s Runaways, apparently, we won’t see a “cliched mustache-twirling bad guy”, according to show-runners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.


In an interview with IGN about Runaways being “the O.C of the MCU”, they were asked about the parents and their storylines:

“When we were talking to [series creator] Brian [K. Vaughan] about the run of the book and how they churned through so much story and how the parent characters had to be so evil, it’s because, as he said, every issue they thought they were getting cancelled. So, I think there’s an opportunity now to slow down and dig in. It’s something we want to take advantage of. Because the kid characters are so great in the book and they hold up so well, we just wanted to make sure the adults had the same opportunity.”

So, does this means that the parents are the villains in this story?

Well, according to Schwartz:

“Well, sure. Obviously, the parents are the villains in some regard. That’s the premise. But I think what we want to be able to do is delve into those characters and realize that everybody is kind of flawed, perhaps, but that there are no cliched mustache-twirling bad guys who are just out for world domination.”

Savage further explained:

“Everyone’s doing what they’re doing for a reason.”


What do you think about this news? Do you think this will make justice to their comic counterparts? Let us know in the comments below!

Marvel’s Runaway will premiere on Hulu this November 21.

Source: IGN

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