Hayley Atwell Visits Marvel Studios Sparking Rumors Of Agent Carter’s Return

One of the MCU’s mainstays has been Peggy Carter. Lovingly dubbed by Captain America as his “best girl”, Carter has been a fan favorite since she first appeared on screen in Captain America: The First Avenger back in 2011.

Just last week, Hayley Atwell, the actress behind Agent Carter, said that she would be happy to return to the MCU as Peggy in some capacity and she would love the idea of a solo film for the character.

Interestingly enough, Atwell was recently photographed with Marvel Studios Co-President, Louis D’Esposito and now the rumors of her return as Carter are have begun.

D’Esposito is no stranger to working with Atwell; he directed the Marvel One-Shot Agent Carter which served as the beginning to ABC’s Agent Carter series.  Although Atwell could just be visiting a friend, the visit has left many wondering and even hoping that we will see the return of Peggy Carter to the MCU.

The idea wouldn’t be far-fetched as it was recently revealed that Captain Marvel is set to take place in the 1990s, so that could give Marvel Studios a perfect opportunity to use Peggy in some way.

Regardless of the circumstances for the visit, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. For now, it seems as if we will just have to wait and see.

Are you interested in seeing Agent Carter back in the MCU? Be sure to let your voice be heard in the comment section below.

Source: Comic Book Resources


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