Sony Pictures Television Networks is going to pay approximately $143 million for a 95 percent stake in one of the leading anime distributors in the US, Funimation.  They’ve released popular animes such as One Piece, Attack on TitanCowboy Bebop, and Dragon Ball Z.

Popular anime One Piece has aired about 800 episodes to date

Founder Gen Fukunaga will keep a minority stack in the company and remain as the chief executive officer.  Fukunaga first founded Funimation in 1994.

In a statement released regarding this acquisition, worldwide networks at Sony Pictures Television president said:

Around the world, Sony’s networks have been major players in the anime space for nearly two decades, and in more recent years we have rapidly increased our networks’ over-the-top and digital offerings to consumers. […] With the acquisition of Funimation, the combined IP of Animax, Kids Station and Funimation allows us to deliver the best anime to fans across all screens and platforms.

Rest assured, however, that Funimation will continue to serve its viewers with quality anime experiences.  Then ensure that their services will not change as they continue forward.  A recent FAQ post on their website briefly explains the situation.

What do you think of Sony acquiring Funimation?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book Resources

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