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Today’s song of the day is Miss Right by Anderson Paak.

If you aren’t familiar with Paak’s discography, he’s a musician that makes chilled grooves with a lot of soul in them. He’s done some phenomenal collaborations with the likes of ScHoolboy Q and Mac Miller. Anderson makes music that you simply want to bust a move to; music where if you were at a party and one of his song’s came on you’d try your hardest to go and cut up a rug.

“Miss Right” is (as the title infers) a song about finding the right girl. It’s Paak singing about finding that girl out there with a bright imagination, someone to talk to, somebody patient.

I want a cold piece

I want a love sensation

Paak even goes far into detail about how committed he wants his next love Ronny, someone will to take his last name and even have a child with him, someone who he’d be willing to take everywhere.

Wanna have my baby.

I’ll take you all places.

The music video for “Miss Right” is a funkadelic futuristic thriller setting that fits the best of the song. Paak is no stranger to being a creative artist that sets himself apart from the rest, and “Miss Right” only continues that trend.

Listen to “Miss Right” on Spotify and iTunes.

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