#SOTD: “Woman” by Harry Styles

Today’s Song of the Day is “Woman” by Harry Styles

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the boy band One Direction and when I heard Harry Styles, a member of the band, released a solo album, I had zero interest in listening to it. That is until a friend recommended one song, “Woman.”

The song is about Harry and his feelings for his ex. He’s hurt and with just listening to the first line you know what the song is ultimately about: jealousy.

I’m selfish, I know

But I don’t ever want to see you with him

He’s jealous because his ex has moved on to someone else and it is hinted that his ex was the one that broke up with him. He’s jealous, acting selfishly, and he knows it, but his love and almost lustful desire for his ex is too much for him to bear and he compares himself to a beast.

This thing upon me, howls like a beast

He feels incomplete without her and all those promises they made when they were younger are broken and mean nothing to her now when they meant everything to him.

I’m empty I know

And promises are broken like a stitch is

It’s a type of song we’ve all heard before, but with its soft rock tone and rather simple lyrics, “Woman” remains my personal favorite from the album.

Other great songs from the album include “Sign of the Times”, “Kiwi”, & “Carolina”. What I like most about the album, is that each song is vastly different in its story and genre of music. Genres such folk, country, and even glam rock manage to make the album unique and offers Harry’s personal sensibilities with the style of music he wants to create.

By branching out, Styles has recorded a great solo album filled with classic and psychedelic beats that sound familiar, but feel original.

“Woman” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Youtube.


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