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Samurai Shin #1.5 Review


Hi, Hello, Hey, it’s Dre again and I’m back with another comic review! I have here issue #1.5 of Samurai Shin from Mikel Miles and new artists Harley Dela Cruz, Sukma Agustriyana and Fahmi Fauzi!

*Minor Spoilers for Issue #1*


Last time we left Amir Atsuko at the mercy of the bear masked villain and Keith Masaru gone with the wind! So what happens next?? I have no idea, but we do get an origin story for the ever brooding Keith Masaru. I loved seeing the earlier years of Keith before his rivalry with Amir, as well as seeing the spark of said rivalry. Everything that happens in the first issue starts to become clear through the pages of this prelude.

Like I said in the review of Issue #1, this team has a lot of potential to make the next great indie comic series. Though it wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t provide some criticism. In terms of the writing, you may have to push through some rough parts to get to the great moments. While the action sequences that are written and the character actions are amazing to say the least, the dialogue falls short and feels unnatural and/or out of character in my opinion.


Now when it comes to the art, I’ve got nothing but praise, especially with the change into the more classic manga style that still incorporates Samurai Shin’s unique look. Every panel made me feel like I was kid reading my favorite mangas in Barnes & Noble (I was too cool for libraries).

All in all, I have high hopes for Samurai Shin and its creative team, and I cannot wait to see what’s next for Amir and Keith! You can pick up Issue #1.5 on Comix Central and on Peep Game Comix for just $1.00! And checkout their own page at Samurai Shin Comics, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram!


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