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Deadpool Creator Says Deadpool 2 Will Be Comic Book Rush Hour

Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool said in an interview with that fans should be excited to see Ryan Reynolds and James Brolin team up in Deadpool 2.

“He’s such a great actor, that’s where it starts, and gravitas, and who else really is going to hold their ground with Ryan as Wade/Deadpool. That is energy unbridled, and so you’ve gotta hold your ground. When I see the two of them I’m like ‘It’s going to be comic book’s equivalent to Rush Hour, and I don’t know if comic fans are ready for it.’ I think it’s going to be great.”


Liefeld also praised Josh Brolin’s acting ability, citing his roles in No Country for Old Men and Sicario. In Deadpool 2, Brolin will be taking on the role of Cable, also known as Nathan Summers. Deadpool 2’s release date is set for June 1, 2018.

Do you think Deadpool and Cable can live up to Lee and Carter? Let us know!


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