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Jon Bernthal On His Role As The Punisher: “It’s A Responsibility That I Take Enormously…”

Jon Bernthal’s take on Frank Castle aka The Punisher, was well received by critics and fans alike when he appeared in season two of the Netflix Marvel series, Daredevil. He was loved so much, that there is a Punisher series in the works.

But first, we will get to see Frank appear in the upcoming series, The Defenders, before his solo debut hits the streaming service.

During San Diego Comic Con, Den of Geek was able to catch up with Bernthal and speak with him about what playing the role of Frank Castle means to him.


Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle aka The Punisher (Courtesy of Netflix)

Bernthal said that since he does have familiarity with the comic book realm, based on his work in The Walking Dead, he knows how much some of the characters mean to people and how it is important to remember that:

“…because I do have some familiarity with the comic book audience from Walking Dead, I know how much Frank Castle means to so many people and it’s a responsibility that I take enormously… it’s huge for me and I know how much the character resonates with members of law enforcement, members of the military and it was something that I really, really wanted.

And I had also known that there was a stigma to the role and people question some of the previous iterations. I got really lucky to get this part and I got really lucky to be able to tell Frank’s story over a thirteen episode arc and now that we’ve shot season one of The Punisher series, I’m just very nervous, I really just hope people like it. You know we’ve worked really hard and I really, really want people to continue to dig this version of Frank and I care about his audience deeply.”

It’s always great to see an actor who is committed in the role and is also aware of how their character has the ability to affect people. I am looking forward to what Bernthal will do in the solo Punisher series.

Are you excited to see Berthal reprise his role as Frank Castle? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

The Punisher begins streaming on Netflix in November.

Source: Den of Geek

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  1. Haa I was just talking about this with my work out brothers in the gym…this cat is the dopest Punisher thus far…hands down.

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