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Joanne the Scammer to Star in Netflix Show

2017 has been a weird year. To say nothing of our current near-apocalyptic political landscape, the entertainment industry is awash with so many boring reruns, reboots and reality shows that many of us have fled to the interesting, if predictable, scripted shows on various streaming services.

Well, it looks like Netflix-and-chill will soon be interrupted with a new flavor of shows. One of the internet’s most famous video stars and an iconic presence in twenty-first century meme culture is about to get their own show on the popular streaming service. No, not Thomas Sanders or King Bach, but Branden Miller – better known as Joanne the Scammer.


Source: The Fader

Miller revealed the news during an interview with Janet Mock on her podcast Never Before, in between their discussion of transphobia, racial identity and future career endeavors.

The debut series will be produced by independent entertainment company Super Deluxe, and its script is currently being written by comedian Joe Mande. Mande has written for several popular shows and films in the last five years alone, including Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family and Seth Rogen’s The Interview.

Details are scarce in these early stages of the show’s development, but Miller had this to say about the overall plot and its potential format as a sitcom:

“We’re trying to do [a sitcom]. I can’t even speak that far ahead because I don’t even know. All I know is we start off with her being married to this rich white older guy, or maybe he’s not even older. And he drops her, so she’s trying to get to that place again of being Caucasian – whatever she thinks that is.

“If you know Joanne on Instagram, there are little snippets of her life… right in the middle of a scam. So I’m capturing that. Instagram gives you one minute of that, the show will give you the whole storyline.”

Are you guys excited by the opportunity to binge watch brand new hilarious Joanne the Scammer moments on Netflix? Or, is she more of a problematic fav whose content should stay outside the mainstream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

Source: Paper Magazine


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