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Kevin Conroy Says Ben Affleck Is the One Who Gets Bruce Wayne and Batman the Most

Kevin Conroy, the actor who has given his voice to Bruce Wayne and Batman for over 20 years, seems to know a thing or two about what makes Batman (and Bruce Wayne) who he is, thanks to the fact that he has been interpreting the cape crusader ever since Batman: The Animated Series.

Friday night, at SDCC, was the premiere for the new DCUA film, Batman and Harley Quinn, where Kevin Conroy reprises his role as the Bat once more, with Loren Lester as Dick Grayson and Melissa Rauch as Harley Quinn.


After the panel and the premiere, Conroy had an interview with Comic Book Room where, after finding out some people consider him “the best Batman”, he was asked who he thinks is the best live-action version of this character.

“You know, I thought it was weird when Warner Bros. didn’t give the franchise to one actor when the first started doing the films. You just assumed they were going to cast a Batman and he was going to carry the whole franchise. But then when I saw the different ones — Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer, [Clooney], and Christian Bale — all the different takes, this was really smart, because each actor does it so differently. And I love seeing all the different takes. I think some of them get Bruce Wayne more than they get Batman, and some of them get Batman more than they get Bruce Wayne. I think Ben Affleck has probably gotten the best balance of the two. He’s a really good Bruce Wayne and a really good Batman.”

In a way, he didn’t say he was the best. What Conroy said is that, to him, Ben Affleck is the one that has gotten the best balance between being Bruce Wayne and being Batman, because make no mistake, there are certain differences between the two.


Ben Affleck’s Batman is one of the things that was most praised after the premiere of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, and knowing that Kevin Conroy, a man who by all means has been Batman for 25 years, thinks Ben understands both aspects of this  character should makes us feel relieved that he’s going to be our Batman for hopefully what could be a long time.

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Source: CBR

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