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Arrow Season 6 Will Not Introduce New Team Members

When Oliver Queen decided to dedicate his life to vigilantism, he had all intentions of operating solo. Over time, his bodyguard John Diggle developed from an obstacle into a partner he could confide in. Then, Felicity joined in with her much-needed computing expertise, and the original Team Arrow was born.

From there, the team began to grow exponentially. Roy Harper suited up as Arsenal, Sarah Lance as Canary, Thea Queen as Speedy, and eventually Laurel Lance as Black Canary. Season 5 has seen the team at its largest, with Curtis (Mr. Terrific), Rene (Wild Dog), Evelyn (Artemis), and Rory (Ragman). Many team members come and go due to skipping town, becoming evil, or even death. Team Arrow has never been stagnant or unchanging, until now.

During San Diego Comic-Con, showrunner Marc Guggenheim interviewed with Comicbook, stating there will be no new members of Team Arrow for awhile, no matter how many of the current members survive the devastating explosions on Lian Yu that closed out the highly climatic fifth season.

“Regardless of what the size of the team is, post-season 5, we are not looking right now to add additional people to it.”

Every team member was present on the island when Prometheus set off the explosions, along with a few allies. There is confirmation of who some survivors will be – Dinah Drake and Slade Wilson – but the fate of the others is still kept confidential.

Guggenheim did not make any clarifications on who is considered Team Arrow when mentioning the unchanging state of the group. Whether or not it includes the evil Earth-2 version of previous member Laurel Lance; or even Quentin Lance, who has been an adviser to the team for quite some time, is unclear.

Tune into the CW on Thursday, October 12 for the premiere of Arrow Season 6 to finally find out who survives.

Source: Comicbook

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