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Actor DENIES Working on ‘GTA 6’

[UPDATE] Actor, Tim Neff has spoken to PCGamesN and denied any involvement in GTA 6, claiming he worked on GTA 5 a long time ago. He says:

“That isn’t my page, account or résumé. I don’t even know that website. I worked on GTA 5 a long time ago and haven’t done anything since. Sorry for the confusion. It seems I’m being trolled online really badly.”

It may not feel like it but it has been nearly four years since GTA 5 was released in September, 2013 . With the news of Read Dead Redemption 2 being scheduled for 2018, Rockstar has our attention on the long-awaited Western sequel whilst they secretly get to work on GTA 6. Rockstar is traditionally one of the most secretive studios in the business and leaks are very few and far between actual announcements and release dates. However, it seems an eager employee working on the motion-capture for the new game has let it slip on his resume.

Tim Neff is the supposed actor working on the future release. Interestingly, his resume also suggests that he has done motion capture work for Red Dead Redemption 2.


Pictured: Tim Neff is reportedly working on GTA 6.

It’s worth noting that GTA 6 is inevitable, it’s a matter of when rather than if. GTA 5 broke several world records in sales and became a critical success as it was hailed Game of the Year by dozens of outlets. In terms of how long it may be before GTA 6 is released, here are some numbers:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released in 2002. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in 2004. The next installment, Grand Theft Auto 4 was released 4 years later in 2008. Grand Theft Auto 5 was released 7 years later in 2013. The notable pattern is that each installment has taken a little bit longer than the previous one, which may also hold up for GTA 6 because Rockstar has a tendency to innovate in some shape or form for every release in addition to the fact that they’ve recently been focused on Red Dead Redemption 2 for its 2018 release.

Did you enjoy GTA 5? Are you excited about the possibility of a GTA 6?

Source: PCGamesN

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