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‘John Wick’ Spinoff Universe Planned With ‘Ballerina’ Script

John Wick was such a surprise success for Lionsgate that it’s no surprise the studio is squeezing everything it can out of the franchise.

With the movie team currently working on John Wick: Chapter 3 and a TV series based on The Continental in early development, Lionsgate is now looking to introduce another vengeance minded assassin to the team.


Many fans were hoping that Common’s Cassian would be the subject of a spinoff story. Source: Collider

First time screenwriter Shay Hatten recently sold his action spec script for Ballerina to the studio and its being eyed as a possible spinoff in the John Wick universe.

Ballerina follows an assassin who is hunting down the assassins who killed her family. It’s been called a Matthew Vaughn version of La Femme Nikita.

Hatten is a real inspiration to all aspiring screenwriters, since he worked his way up from intern to writer’s assistant at Robert Downey Jr.’s Team Downey.

There was a bidding war going on for Ballerina involving Warner Bros. and Universal, however, Lionsgate wanted it as soon as they decided on expanding the John Wick franchise.

So are you excited about another John Wick property? Who would you like to see as the lead character?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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