Michelle Gomez Open To Reprise Doctor Who The Master

Michelle Gomez, the latest actress to helm the role of The Master at the latest Doctor Who installment, has expressed interest of reprising the role as the Time Lord villain.

Fans of the show may remember that The Master is a Time Lord notorious for swapping genders consistently. Gomez’s Missy offered “familiar craziness but with a touch of rare humanity thrown into the mix”.

Gomez, who is also set to leave Doctor Who after season 10, has mentioned during San Diego Comic Con that she is open to come back and take on the role of Missy again if the character wills it.

“It’s good to know when to leave the party. It was a jolly good party, but time to leave – and then maybe come back – but time to leave for now… It feels like this was a chapter – a perfect chapter, actually – with Steven [Moffat] and Peter [Capaldi]. I don’t know about being a Master to another Doctor. I feel very loyal to Peter and I don’t know how that would work, but I am willing to find out at a later date.”

Canonically, Time Lords keep changing and swapping genders (seen in John Simm’s recent take on the role), though it may take a few years for the same actor to become a Time Lord again.

Would you like to see Michelle Gomez someday return as a Time Lord?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Screenrant.com


One comment

  1. It would be dope (as I admittedly developed a crush on Mrs. Gomez when she played that role), but she was killed in the last ep of this past season…I know anything is possible in the world of the good Doctor…but maybe it’s time for a new Master just like it was time for a new Doctor…


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