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‘Justice League’ Reshoots Are Reportedly Taking More Time Than Originally Planned

For a while we’ve known that Justice League is going through some reshoots under Joss Whedon’s supervision after Zack Snyder left production, but apparently there are some details that are making the reshoots a tad more difficult than they should.

Reshoots are a common thing in big productions from big studios, and usually they take from two to three weeks, but apparently for Justice League this is a whole other story, as they’ve dragged the reshoots’ time from what was originally planned to almost two months.

Before you start worrying, that’s not because they have to shoot the whole film all over again, because they’re not. What’s complicating the reshoots is the fact that, since this movie includes some of the most in-demand actors of the moment, their own schedule is pretty busy.

While Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot aren’t working at the moment on any other project, so they are available whenever the studio needs them, and Jason Momoa has wrapped his part, the ones with troubled schedules are Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill, who are both currently filming other movies.


Ezra is reprising his role as Credence in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel, which began production earlier this summer. Since that movie is property Warner Bros., scheduling his shooting schedule should be easier, but, according to a source, his role in the Wizarding World will only continue to grow, and it’s making difficult for Ezra to be both Credence and Barry at the same time, or even making him available when his other co-stars are.

But Ezra’s trouble are nothing like Cavill’s since he’s busy finishing his part on Mission: Impossible 6 in New Zealand. The original plan was for him to finish M:I 6 before putting  on Superman’s spandex, but as the new scenes for Justice League are being shot, he has had to jump back and forth from each production. And, to add to the mix, a mustache he grew for M:I 6 will have to be digitally remove because he wasn’t allowed to shave it.

Warner Bros. has reportedly spend the same amount of time and money on these reshoots that some studios have spend in the entire production of mid-budget films, earning some questions and doubts about this movie. However, after what happened with Rouge One and World War Z, movies that went under some extensive reshoots and turned to be critically acclaimed, we shouldn’t be worried for what’s happening.


Variety also claims that this reshoots are helping to make the dialogue richer, but since previous reports have claimed that this reshoots are mostly photography and, according to Ray Fisher, Cyborg, are “if anything brief”, this should not cause distress or panic.

This weekend, at San Diego Comic-Con, we where shown a sneak peak of the film, footage that earned a wildly positive reception in both the internet and Hall H.

What do you think about this news? What’s your opinion in this whole reshoot thing?
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Justice League is set to premiere November 17 in all theaters.

Source: Variety

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