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The Explosion’s Aftermath Teased in Arrow Season 6 Trailer #SDCC2017

It seems the fate of Team Arrow will remain a mystery for some time. In the Season 6 trailer debuted during Arrow’s SDCC panel, a bulk of the cast is absent. Interestingly, though, Season 6 itself isn’t given too much attention, which may not necessarily be an issue. Check it out below:


The first half of the trailer is devoted to recapping the final moments of Season 5. How much of the team survives Prometheus’ death trap on Lian Yu? It’s possible that detail will remain under wraps for the foreseeable future.

As the island burns in the trailer, Slade and Ollie go head-to-head, confirming Manu Bennett will at least appear in Season 6’s premiere. Another shot of the frenemies shaking hands in broad daylight suggests that whatever put them at odds in the island scene (probably Deathstroke ditching Team Arrow) has been resolved. Also shown duking it out are new Black Canary and Black Siren. Their battle seems to take place in Star City, indicating they too survived the explosion. The rest of the team is noticeably absent. But as showrunner Marc Guggenheim recently noted, fans shouldn’t conflate tragedy with death.

Deathstroke Arrow Season 5 Photo Courtesy of The CW

Photo Courtesy of The CW

Th  Arrow also panel revealed new information concerning additions to the cast (via WBTV). Fan-favorite David Nykl (Anatoly Knyazev) is returning in Season 6 as a guest star. Lost’s Michael Emerson has been cast as a mystery character, and will star in a recurring role. Whether or not he’s a villain, the big bad, or a new ally remains to be seen.

For the first time in the show’s history, Arrow will air on Thursday nights. Season 6’s first episode, Fallout, premieres October 12 at 9pm EST.

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