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‘The Gifted’ Gets New Trailer #SDCC2017

Mutants are the new pink, or at least in FOX they are.

Right after their panel at SDCC, FOX released a new trailer for their new X-Men series: The Gifted, a new spin-off of the famous franchise that will focus on an ordinary family, whose lives will change when their children realise they’re mutants. The family then goes on the run when a secret organization begins to hunt them down.

At the Comic-Con panel, creator Matt Nix talked about the fact that even though we might recognise names in this series from the movies, they are not the same characters.

“One of the great favours that Days of Future Past did for all of us is establish there are many streams, so one answer is we exist in one of those streams. The idea is that this is definitely its own universe. We’re not in the same exact timeline as any particular movie or comic, but that said we do share some characters with the movies and comics. The idea is we’re doing our own thing. As they say, there are many streams.”

Here’s the trailer if you missed it:


What do you think about this news? Are you excited for more Mutants on FOX?
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The Gifted is set to premiere Monday, October 2 on FOX.

Source: Marvel Entertainment


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