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San Diego Comic-Con Day 2 Recap #SDCC2017

Day 2 for San Diego Comic Con has come to a close, and it did not disappoint with a day full of news and highlights.

  • Ghostbusters will start filming for a second movie in 2019 
    • During a panel at SDCC, Ghostbuster producer Ivan Reitman announced that a second Ghostbuster movie will be slated for a 2019 release. 2019 also marks the 35th anniversary of the 1984 film. What is not mentioned is if it will be a sequel to last year’s all-female led film, or an animated film.
  • Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery First Look in SDCC Exhibit
    • Fans of Star Trek and folk anticipating the release of Star Trek: Discovery will have a massive treat at San Diego Comic Con.
    • The Michael J. Wolf Fine Art Gallery has a display of costumes and props from the new series in the legendary sci-fi franchise, with the CBS show’s take on Klingons as the start of the display.
    • Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery, in particular, will display new houses and their own distinct styles.
  • FX’s Legion star Dan Stevens Reportedly Approached Patrick Stewart for Professor X Reprise
    • Dan Stevens mentioned in an interview that he was approached the legendary actor if he would like to be part of the show, who “seemed” interested when he mentioned Professor X’s direct connection to David in the Legion universe.
    • During the Legion Panel, Noah told convention goers that David’s (Dan Stevens) parentage will be explored at the show so there may be a possibility of Sir Patrick Stewart to reprise the role of Professor X — if he decides to do so.
  • Young Justice will showcase “more mature” Superheroes for Young Justice: Outsiders
    • During the Young Justice Q&A Panel, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti and art director Phil Bourassa introduced new designs for the team.
    • In addition to showing the members of Young Justice more matured, new characters are introduced during the panel: Arrowette, Thirteen and Spoiler
    • Designs of the whole team can be found in our article, seen here.
  • Todd McFarlane to partner with Blumhouse Productions for Spawn Film 
    • Comic book legend Todd McFarlane has found a home for his Spawn script. Blumhouse Productions, best known for the studio responsible for Split and Get Out, is now the studio that will house McFarlane’s Spawn. 
  • Duke Thomas To Get Spin-Off Series
    • Batman writer Scott Snyder has announced that Duke Thomas aka the Lark, will finally get his own spin-off series.
    • The Lark, now known as the Signal, will now have “graduated from Batman’s training and is now ready for his own heroic adventures.”
  • Fox’s The Gifted drops new trailer after SDCC panel 
    • Fox’s upcoming take on the X-Men lore, The Gifted dropped a new trailer for the show, which is premiering this fall.
    • You can check out the trailer here.
  • Warner Bros. Animation announces four new upcoming movies 
    • During the world premiere of Batman and Harley Quinn, Warner Bros. has also announced that they will be having an additional four animated films in the works in the next few years.
    • First will be Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, followed by Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. The last two movies will be two-part Superman movies, centered around his death.
  • Netflix’s Iron Fist renewed for season 2 
    • During The Defenders panel, Jeph Loeb, Marvel Head of Television, announced to Hall H attendees and the cast of Defenders that Iron Fist will officially get a second season. There is no official date announced, but presumably, it will be after The Punisher in late 2017.
    • Loeb mentions that Misty Knight will be appearing for the upcoming second season. Fans of the comic suggest a Daughters of the Dragon story line, as Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing is set to return.
  • Joss Whedon set to start filming for DCEU’s Batgirl in 2018 
    • Joss Whedon, who was recently announced to take the helm for Batgirl, will be starting production for it in 2018. There is no word of who will be cast for the role, or a definitive date in 2018 that production to officially begin.
    • This was announced by Geoff Johns during an interview with IGN during SDCC

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