Riverdale Season 2 Trailer and Panel Details Here! #SDCC17

The DCEU wasn’t the only thing on Warner Bros. agenda today! We got a new trailer and exciting information for the second season of CW’s smash hit, Riverdale. Madchen Amick who plays Alice Cooper revealed that a new looming threat would be coming to the small and danger-filled town in season 2; from the looks of this trailer, she was right!

Who the hell shot Fred Andrews and why? Well, that can of worms opened in the first season will be more than addressed in the follow-up season which is said to have a whopping 22 episodes. In the trailer Archie looks to be holding onto a secret about the shooter and what exactly went on that night. We also see Cheryl talking to a now bandaged and burned Penelope Blossom after Cheryl set their mansion ablaze.

Some new characters are set to shake things up this season as well. Veronica’s father, Hiram Lodge and bad boy, ex-boyfriend Nick St. Clair will be joining the cast. That and the shooting of Archie’s dad will surely put a strain on the new couple’s romance. Toni Topaz, a fellow Southside High student, Serpent and possible love interest to Jughead is sure to bring some drama to the Betty/Jughead relationship.

Riverdale’s season 2 premiers on the CW on October 11th! Check out the trailer and some behind the scene footage below!

Stay tuned for more news from #SDCC17!

Sources: EW, Twitter (@CW_Riverdale)


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