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Telltale to Debut Amanda Waller in Batman: The Enemy Within

Telltale’s biggest announcements came before #SDCC17, as the studio recently revealed new seasons of Batman, The Wolf Among Us, and The Walking Dead. With Batman’s second season, The Enemy Within (not the XCOM expansion), launching early next month, it only make sense for Telltale to tease what’s on the horizon for it first.

During an IGN interview, Telltale’s Job Stauffer couldn’t divulge too much; however, he was able to offer hints regarding the villains. If you’ve played Season 1, which won’t be necessary to grasp Season 2’s narrative, you know John Doe, aka Joker, is out and about. Apparently, he’s made an ally, Riddler, whose traps are on display in the gameplay clip Telltale premiered during IGN’s live show (watch here).

Oswald Cobblepot Courtesy of Telltale/Warner Bros.

Oswald Cobblepot Courtesy of Telltale/Warner Bros.

According to Stauffer, the Riddler will be a big player this season. And he won’t be the only one unleashing hell on Gotham. Other Batman rogues are set to debut in Telltale’s take on character as well. Stauffer wouldn’t confirm Catwoman’s return, but was willing to say another woman known for giving Bruce/Batman a hard time would pop up — Amanda Waller. It’ll be especially interesting to see how the studio portrays her. In Season 1, Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin, did not bear his usual short, rotund stature. Instead, the villain was ruggedly handsome, with a backstory unique to Telltale’s telling. Should fans expect a comic accurate version of The Wall (older or New 52), or is the studio bound to surprise once more? We’ll likely find out when the first episode goes live on August 8, as she too is said to have a major role.

How do you think Amanda Waller, the Riddler, and John Doe will factor in this season? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.


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