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Steven Universe Panel Shows Game and Soundtrack News #SDCC2017

The Steven Universe panel just closed up at San Diego Comic-Con, and provided a number of new announcements for the show.

First, we got a new trailer for the upcoming console game, Steven Universe: Save the Light. It seems to branch off of old mechanics from Attack the Light, but includes new fusions like Stevonnie and Sardonyx, and a few new platforming elements. There’s also a new enemy (?) named Squaridot, attacking the gems from a green drone.


Save the Light will be available on PS4 and Xbox One this fall.

Along with the game, Cartoon Network announced a vinyl release of their recently-released Steven Universe Soundtrack. There will also be a live performance of “Better Than You” by Estelle at the Horton Plaza on Sunday, July 23.

Some trailers exclusive to the SDCC audience about season 5 were also debuted, but Cartoon Network has yet to officially upload them.

How excited are you for Attack the Light? Are you gonna pick up the new vinyls? Let us know in the comments, and keep up with GoC for more San Diego Comic Con news!

Source: IGN

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