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Todd McFarlane Reveals Studio He’s Partnering With for Spawn #SDCC2017

Todd McFarlane kicked off discussions on returning Spawn to the big screen a couple of years ago. Since then, the comic book legend has continuously teased his vision for the film. In doing so, a lot of hype has been built around the darker tone, and hard R rating he aims to achieve. However, McFarlane has had a few caveats attached to anyone wanting to help him get the film off the ground — he wants to write, direct and produce. With the first draft of the script complete, he recently began shopping the script around. An announcement from a few weeks ago left fans in doubt, but McFarlane seems to have found Spawn a new home.

During a live recording on his Facebook page at SDCC, McFarlane announced he’s working with Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Production company. It’s incredible news, especially for horror fans who love Spawn, as Blumhouse is responsible for recent successes such as Split and Get Out. Check out McFarlane’s video on the reveal here.

Spawn Courtesy of Image Comics

Spawn Courtesy of Image Comics

“No more theoretical, we’re now making movies,” he proudly proclaims with Kevin Smith off to the side, congratulating him. On their website, Blumhouse confirms Todd McFarlane will indeed direct the film, marking his directorial debut. Neither McFarlane nor Blumhouse are divulging anything else, but new information will be shared as production begins.

What do you think of the news; are Spawn and Blumhouse a match made in Heaven? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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